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wowdressing's Journal

Warcraft Dressing
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Roleplaying dressing room for the Warcraft universe.

You've woken up in what looks like a normal inn, with a large commons room and a cheery High Elven staff. There's a fire roaring in the fireplace, there's beer on tap, and the sounds and smells of cooking drift in from the kitchen. A flight of stairs leads up to hall after hall of rooms, which never seem to quite end, no matter how far you walk. Outside, the inn sits in a clearing in a forest. The trees stretch off into the distance and a small dirt road meanders by.

However, you cannot walk far. Eventually, you will run into a wall of fog that leads only back to the inn...


Welcome to Warcraft Dressing, a roleplaying dressing room for the Warcraft series by Blizzard Entertainment! The game takes place in an inn in a foggy forest. Your characters are welcome to explore, but remember that they will eventually return to the inn no matter which direction they go. Food and drink is free unless you feel inclined to slip bribes. The inn is staffed mostly by high elves who seem to possess a strange calmness and wisdom, and the innkeeper is no other than little Chromie (guiseoftime)... just what could be going on here?

Canon characters, as well as your original characters from the Warcraft universe, are all allowed. Please be aware that there may (and probably will be) duplicates of canon characters. Original characters are encouraged (like your toon in WoW, for example :D), just don't go overboard with them.

We won't bite (except the Forsaken ones maybe, mwaha) so please join us in AIM chat room "wowdressing" :D!

And here we have our few, simple rules:

1.) Be cool. Like the Fonz. Everyone is here to have fun and enjoy the dressing room. Don't be a jerk to people OOC (IC is a totally different matter, of course).
2.) No god-modding. That is, don't call auto-hits, don't make other players' characters do things without their permission, etc.
3.) Try to keep your OCs within reasonable power-limits. No, you are not more powerful than the Lich King or Thrall. No, you are not the new War-Chief of the Horde or the new leader of the Tauren or the Queen of Silvermoon. Blizzard gave us a universe, so work within it.
4.) No f@&#ing vampires. We'd rather not see things in here that aren't supported by Warcraft canon. So basically: worgen, not werewolves. You don't need to be a pro and have WoWWiki memorized, but know your stuff. And at the same time, don't be a jerk if someone gets a tiny detail wrong about the Warcraft canon, either.
5.) Adult content (gratuitous violence, sex, etc.) should be behind a cut.
6.) If you character dies, they will wake back up in their room one day later.
7.) If you have issues with another player, contact the mods if you don't think you can work it out with said player.

Additionally, please read the following before joining the fun!
When Introducing a New Character
The Setting

That's about it! Go out and have fun and multiply, etc!

Contact your friendly neighborhood mods at:

Amanda stratholmerogue
AIM: crimsonhue 487
Stefan teethofneedles
AIM: dragoon1940
Kay icecrowned
AIM: Homicidal Kay